Who can take advantage of Public,
Educational and Governmental Access?
If you live, work or attend public school in Rhode Island, you are welcome in your local service area's studio.

If you're under 18, we do ask that a parent or guardian be part of your production crew; they'll be the one signing for equipment, as well as studio and airtime. When you reach the age of 18 you will be able to sign for equipment, studio and airtime on your own. If you're producing your program as a school project, your teacher will sign out equipment, studio time and air time.

  • Learn how to operate the portable, studio and editing equipment.
  • Produce your own program, as a special or as a series.
  • Hone your production skills by volunteering on other access programs.

Train individually, or as a group, for a regular production or a one-time event. Our staff will show you how to use the equipment, and will be there to help if needed.

The rest is up to you, your creativity, ambition and ideas.

Go for it!
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