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Interested in proposed changes to the Rules Governing Community Antenna Television Systems?

Click here to be directed to the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers' website, for a complete list of current Rules and proposed changes.

Following a 14 month process of hearings and negotiations with the Advocacy Division of the Rhode Island Attorney General's office, Cox Communications submitted a set of Public Access User Rules and Guidelines to the Division of Public Utilties and Carriers. On April 21, 2000 these were accepted by the DPUC Hearing Officer and went into effect at the Peg Access studios.

Follow the links below to read the Rules and Guidelines, and the Appendices to those Rules. The Appendices are the basis for the forms Public Access users will find when signing in or out portable equipment, studio and edit time, as well as dropping off tapes for playback. You will also find a Talent Release, and a form granting Consent of Parents or Guardians of Minors.

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Rules and Guidelines

Producer Agreement

Producer Agreement

Studio/Editing Suite Request

Studio/Editing Suite Request

Equipment Request

Equipment Request

Talent Release
Talent Release

Parental or Legal Guardian Consent
Parental/Legal Guardian Consent

Visitor Agreement

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